Annual ceremony to repose animal souls was carried out at the T-PIRC farm

The Animal Production Division of T-PIRC farm is currently maintaining 6 Holstein steers, 4 Holstein heifers, approximately 150 layers and one sheep to be used for various educational and research purposes. After using these animals for various educational opportunities or for research, sacrificing of their lives is often unavoidable. In order to express our appreciation to animals that have devoted their lives for our activities, the ceremony to repose animal souls is carried out annually at T-PIRC farm.
This year, the ceremony was held on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 with participation of Professor Ezura, Director of T-PIRC; Professor Sugaya, Chair of the College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences; Professor Fukuda, T-PIRC Farm Division Head; Assistant Professor Kato, T-PIRC Unit Head; Professor Tajima, and many other staff members and students despite rain.
The ceremony was started with messages of condolence by Professor Ezura, Professor Sugaya and Professor Tajima followed by a moment of silence, and completed after offering flowers in front of the Animal Soul Monument located near the dairy barn by representatives.

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