Agricultural engineering

T-PIRC farm

With IT and advancement IoT, the development of smart agricultural machinery system receives high productivity and have potential to aid in labor forces in Japanese agricultural scenario. The robotic system was developed for autonomous parking, hitching of implement. The autonomous systems have opportunity to offer a series of agricultural tasks, such as planting, soil preparation and fertilizer application. The tasks can be carried out safely through the autonomous operation or multi-robot application. In addition, remote sensing system using UAV and thermal cameras also implemented to monitor biomass, plant growth and soil moisture detection for precision agricultural management.

Concept of Precision Agriculture
Remote Sensing System Using UAV
with Thermal Camera
for Precision Agricultural Management
Autonomous Tractor
Autonomous Crawler Tractor
Autonomous Trajectory Tracking System
for Swarm Agricultural Vehicles
Thermal Images Acquisition
with UVA for Field Moisture Detection
and Crops Growth Monitoring