“Production of Mozzarella cheese” as a part of “Field Practices in Agricultural Production Systems”

The Animal Production Science Subprogram (APSS) is one of three subprograms in the course entitled “Field Practices in Agricultural Production Systems” offered by the College of Agro-Bioresources during Spring and Fall semesters in 2021. During the Fall semester 2021, APSS was designed to provide unique and diverse farm practice experiences to students in the areas of Farm Animal Management, Reproduction, Hygiene, Product Nutrition, etc.
On October 25, 2021, students enrolled in APSS learned the overall processes and background theory for producing Mozzarella cheese from fresh non-homogenized milk under the guidance of Professor Tajima. The highlight of the Mozzarella cheese production was the continuous stretching of the curd, which mainly consists of milk protein solidified by the enzyme rennet, for approximately 45 seconds in hot water maintained at 74oC to induce a characteristic elastic texture. The elasticity and taste of sliced Mozzarella cheese produced in the class was examined after heating in a frying pan.
During the class, students expressed astonishment at the significant alteration of the physical texture of curd before and after stretching in hot water and recognized the predecessor that discovered this interesting phenomenon.
The following is some of the lecture topics covered in the APSS during Fall semester 20021: microbial control of ice-cream production; growth analysis of cattle and poultry; two different methods for chicken vaccination; sensory evaluation of lean meat; mechanism of chicken egg coloring; smoked chicken production; etc.





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