Food assistance to students from the T-PIRC farm

With no escape from the new coronavirus disaster and Japan’s economic situation still not back to full-scale activity, student life is also in a difficult situation. Under such circumstances, Tsukuba-Plant Innovation Research Center farm distributed 5 tons of rice and 500 kg of sweet potatoes to about 1,000 students at the Hirasuna Common Building through the Division of Student Welfare on November 25 and 26, 2021. A part of rice and sweet potatoes were planted or harvested by the students during their practical training at the farm.
We, the faculty and staff of the T-PIRC farm, want to be an organization that can gently reach out to students, who are the mainstay of the university, when they are in distress, and the Director and the entire faculty and staff are working together to create such an organization.

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