Bioproduction Machinery Practices (Spring C: Intensive Class)


Bioproduction Machinery (Agricultural Machinery) Practices (Spring C: Intensive Class), mainly for third-year students of College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences, was held at T-PIRC farm from July 13 (Tuesday) to July 16 (Friday), 2021. This practical training consisted of using actual agricultural machinery, engines, drones, etc., which are considered dangerous of handling and operation. On the days of the practical training, the students maintained a sense of tension under the guidance of the instructors in charge of courses and technical officials. The students were able to gain valuable experience that they would not normally gain by driving the tractor on the road, attaching and detaching agricultural equipment, and disassembling and assembling the inner combustion engine. In the drone training, students observed test flights by automated navigation system and were able to learn about the drone’s functions in detail by watching the videos and photos taken by the drone.
At T-PIRC farm, various practical training courses are held in the spring and fall semesters for College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences and College of Biological Sciences. T-PIRC farm also plays an important role in the educational activities of the colleges by providing unique intensive practical trainings using the farm’s facilities.

Tractor towing work training for students under the guidance of technical officials

Drone practical training















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