Rice Transplanting by the Rework Day Care Program in Agriculture


As part of the rework (rehabilitation for returning to work) day care program in agriculture collaborated with University of Tsukuba Hospital and T-PIRC (Tsukuba-Plant Innovation Research Center) farm since October 2013, participants in this program joined rice transplanting by hand in the paddy field of T-PIRC farm on June 3 and 8, 2021 under clear skies on both days. On June 3, participants transplanted glutinous and nonglutinous rice seedlings, and on June 8, they transplanted seedlings of various varieties and strains preserved at the farm.

The program is highly evaluated from medical professionals, because participants in the program have a high rate of reintegration into society. T-PIRC farm grows many kinds of crops, so we will continue to provide unique opportunities of farm work to participants in this program.



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