Assistant Professor Morio Kato explains about rice for animal feed in the newspaper National Agricultural News

Assistant Professor Morio Kato’s article on rice for animal feed appeared in the September 3, 2021 issue of the newspaper “Zenkoku-Nougyou-Shinbun”. In the article, the whole page of the newspaper was devoted to the production of rice for feed and the technology for its utilization.

Recently, the use of rice as feed for livestock has been promoted as a national policy in place of imported corn. Since the demand for rice for food is decreasing year by year, in order to maintain paddy fields as farmland, some kind of shifting crop must be grown. If the farmland is not used, it will become abandoned land. Once the land is abandoned, it takes many years before it can be used as farmland again, which may lead to concerns about the stable food supply. This is why the replacement of imported grains, such as corn, with domestic grains, such as rice for feed, has become a policy.

This article explains in detail the benefits associated with the production of rice for animal feed (rice), techniques for increasing revenue, and how it can be used as animal feed. It also introduces methods such as direct sowing, which can cut down on the labor required for seedling growth, and the ability to reduce costs by using vertical drying after harvest.

Zenkoku-Nougyou-Shinbun, September 3, 2021, Feed Rice Project

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