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"Ag-ESD symposium" organized by Agricultural and Forestry Research Center (AFRC) has invited many lecturers (including young researcher) from overseas and domestic. These lecture movies are opened via the internet, because we think these lectures are valuables for agricultural and bio-resource science field and useful for classes for education. It is our pleasure, if you use and enjoy the materials of these lectures, and send your opinion about their contents, distributing method and so on.

Please choose a lecturer among a list of following lecture movies, and submit it by application page, if you want to watch them. Your email address of Google (Youtube) account is required at the application page. Please prepare it before applying.

The applicant who is permitted to watch the lecture movie will receive the email of sharing from Youtube. Please click a link, and log in to YouTube, to watch it.

List of lecture movies(Please choose a lecturer among the list.)

1. 基調講演:Hiroyuki KONUMA
Senior Advisor to the President, Asia Institute of technology (AIT), Visiting Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji University
◇Topic : Impacts of Food Losses and Waste in global Food Security and Environment

2. 基調講演:Hiroko ISODA
Professor, University of Tsukuba
◇Topic : Roles of Anti- Oxidant Molecules as Functional Food Factor

3. 講演:Atsushi ASANO
Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Forestry Research Center (AFRC), University of Tsukuba
◇Topic : Education for Sustainable Development in Agriculture at the University of Tsukuba

4. 招待講演:Shigeki YOSHIDA
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
◇Topic : Functional Phenolic Components in Teas

5. 招待講演:Yuji MIYAGUCHI
Professor, Ibaraki University
◇Topic : Reuse of expired natto, fermented soybeans, as an animal feed

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